US211M Dosage Controller Flow Reader for BSPP G2" Pipe Line hall effect water flow sensor with solenoid Valve

Model: US211M-D-B50

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US211M Hall Water Flow Sensor Reader 24V Flow Reader and USC-HS20TA integrated hall effect water flow sensor with solenoid Valve





1. The digital display meter US211M can display the instantaneous flow, unit is L / min(LPM), (can switch to Gallon/min).

2. Can display cumulative(total) flow volume, unit is L, max is 9999L. (can switch to Gallon)

3. It can do dosage control with the help of solenoid valve(optional).

4. It can show temperature of fluid with the help of temperature sensor(optional)


Item Description:

White background light LCD
Flow sensor connecting type: BSPP Male G2''
Power input: 24V dc
Accuracy: +-3%
Temp range : -10 -60 celsius

Flow Range: 10-200L/min
Working Pressure: 0.05-1.75MPa

Package include:

1* US211M digital display;

1* USC-HS20TA BSPP G2" Male*male hall effect flow sensor;

1* BSPP G2" Male*male solenoid valve; 

2* EU standard power adaptor;

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