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US308MT User Manual Orders Before Year 2023

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The flow rate displayed is in litres per minute. The total flow displayed is in Litres. (By pressing K2 to shift the display)

How to set

Provide 12V DC power to light on.

Open the back cover of the device

Press K1 and K2 together, to enter the menu or parameters

Then press K1 to select the digit

Press K2 to increase the number

Parameters (US308MT may not have alarm function, although the parameters are all included.)

1. ALH – higher limit alarm value

ALH =500.0 means the alarm will go off when the flow rate is greater than the alarm value

2. ALL – lower limit alarm value

ALL=0.1 means the alarm will go off when the flow rate is lower than 0.1 litres/min

ALL=0, function off

3. TYPE = frequency (always in 0, factory default, no need to change)

4. Dot – Decimal (0-3)

Example: Dot = 1 means one decimal

It is related to K1 (constant)

If Dot = 1, K1 = 10

If Dot = 2, K1 = 100

5. FILTR (FLTR) – Filter index, the bigger the FILTR value, the slower meter reads the frequency signal.

Meter (device) reads frequency signal every single second.

6. K1 – constant (see point 4); K2 – constant to calibrate flow rate;

For example: the formula of the flow sensor is F=8Q, then K1=1, K2=8;

7. ACC: Total amount alarming value. When ACC=0, Function off.

8. UNT: UNT=0, the display unit is L/Second, UNT=1, L/min; UNT=2, L/hour.

How to calibrate

Use K2 (constant) to calibrate the flow rate

Frequency = K2 x Flow rate

If K2 set on 10, and the flow rate is 4 lts/min

To calibrate to 8 lts/min, change K2 to 5 (10x4/8)

To mute the alarm for flow rate

ALH =999.9 and ALL =0

To mute the alarm for total volume


To hide total volume display