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US308MT User Manual Uptodate

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The flow rate displayed is in litres per minute. The total flow displayed is in Litres. (By pressing SHIFT to shift the display)

How to set

Provide 5-24V DC power to light on, the default power supply is DC12V.

Open the back cover of the device

Press SET for 5 seconds to enter the menu or parameters

Then press SET to select the menu

Press + or - to increase or decrease the number, hold + or – to change the numbers quickly.


1. 1.00500-K value, this setting value is 100 times the real K value

For example: the formula of the flow sensor is F=8Q, then real K=8, setting K is 800;

Range: 1-65535

Default value:500

2. 2.00500 – upper limit alarm value

=500L/Min means the alarm will go off when the flow rate is greater than the alarm value

Range: 1-65535

Default value:500

3. 3.001.00 – lower limit alarm value

=1.00 means the alarm will go off when the flow rate is lower than 1.0 litres/min

=0, function off

Range: 0.01-655.35

Default value:1.0

4. 4.00000: Total amount alarming value. When =0, Function off.

Range: 1-65535

Default value: 0, no display, no total volume alarm output.

5. 5.00000: Alarming time period. When =0, Function off.

Range: 1-65535

Default value: 0, always alarm after triggerred,  when=3, alarm for 3 seconds and then off.

6. 6.00002: Decimal,

Range: 1-3

Default value: 2. the display number will show like 2.35(L/Min)


How to calibrate

Use K (constant) to calibrate the flow rate

Frequency = K x Flow rate

If K set on 10, and the flow rate is 4 lts/min

To calibrate to 8 lts/min, change K to 5 (10x4/8)